Monday, June 10, 2013

Clarification Regarding Milfoil Treatment On Crystal Lake

Hey and Associates, the company working with the Crystal Lake Park District on the management of Crystal Lake would like to provide clarification on the treatment of areas affected by milfoil growth on Crystal Lake.
Milfoil is an aggressive, non-native water weed that chokes out native plants and can become so dense it restricts boating, fishing and swimming. The treatment of Crystal Lake is scheduled on Thursday, June 13, 2013.

The lake management team will be treating areas of milfoil growth in the following areas:
·        Deeper water just west of Main Beach swimming area
·        Along the northern areas (from point to the rowing piers at the west end) of West Bay, from the shoreline to approximately 150’ out 
·        In addition an algae treatment adjacent to West Beach, near the small rental pier will be included, if needed

The total area of treatment could be as much as 14 acres, although it most likely will be less as there has not been lot of Milfoil in the shallower areas of West Bay.
There are no re-entry restrictions after Navigate treatment. The treated water should not be used for potable drinking water until concentrations fall below 0.07 ppm and it should not be used for irrigation of ornamental plants until the concentration falls below 0.1 ppm. There are no restrictions whatsoever after treating with the algaecide Cutrine Plus. For more information contact Hey and Associates, Inc. at 414-327-0440

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