Monday, April 20, 2015

Plans To Reduce McHenry County Township Government

The McHenry County Citizens for Township Consolidation (MCCTC) has announced plans to pursue an initiative to reduce the number of Townships in McHenry County through consolidation via a binding referendum in the March 15, 2016 primary.

MCCTC spokesman Mike Shorten explained, “For many in McHenry County, township governments provide valued services. With 136 elected officials governing 17 different townships, it is our belief that those services can be delivered just as effectively and at a lower cost if we were to reduce the number of townships to eight through consolidation.
While we are still are working on finalizing projections, our initial estimates indicate that taxpayer savings will be well in excess of forty million dollars over ten years.”

Illinois statutes allow for citizens of townships to vote via binding referendum to consolidate, however in order for the referendum to appear on the ballot county board approval is required.

We do not anticipate any difficulty receiving the support of a majority of the county board to have the binding referenda placed on the ballot. The ultimate decision will be left to the voters,” Shorten said.

Shorten, who also serves as an elected Trustee in Nunda Township explained, “MCCTC would like to see the referendum on the ballot in March of 2016, so that the townships would have a full year to work on consolidation plans once the voters give their approval.”

The organization has launched a website and will be posting updates on the initiative as it moves forward. McHenry County Citizens are encouraged to visit to learn more about the initiative, submit questions, endorse, or contribute financially to the effort.

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