Sunday, February 1, 2015

Food Pantry Also Helps Pets

An anonymous donor is helping the less fortunate through the Grafton Food Pantry.

The donor’s only guidance was “My goal is to take a few first steps and hopefully have others join together in a united effort to really help the less fortunate of Grafton Township have a memorable 2014 holiday season.”

At Least Four Ways to Help
Four gift categories and their matching limits were created by the donor.
  1. Dog food: $1,000.
  2. Lake in the Hills “Bark Park” memberships: $500.
  3. Winter coats: $1,500.
  4. Non-food personal items (toothpaste, deodorant, toilet paper, etc.): $1,000.

“It’s my hope these are only starting points, not maximums.” said the donor.

Winners of the Bark Park memberships to be awarded based on the best (as determined by the Grafton Food Pantry’s Board) “My dog should win a Bark Park membership because…” letters written by contestants.

Bark Park membership and participation requirements can be found at:

As shown here, the Grafton Food Pantry isn’t only for humans!

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